As the summer rapidly approaches, many have begun to shift their fitness focus out of hibernation and into summer-readiness goals. That being said, it can be hard to bounce back from a winter hiatus. Luckily, you can gain some added motivation from fitness classes and workouts that keep things fresh and exciting for you.

Shape Training

The classes at Shape may seem like conventional workouts on the surface, but after a little research, it’s clear they try to push the boundaries with kickboxing, cycling and more. From the bikes tilting and turning alongside you, to the lift class that is literally unlike any other. The class is the only one in the country to combine suspension training and resistance bands on the same strap. As described on their website, “We are the only gym in the country to feature the KO8 suspension training system. It combines the best of both worlds to provide a 360 degree training platform. Improve your strength, flexibility, and stamina.“ This is a great way to get a diverse workout that tests muscle groups you might not typically hit on in your usual workout routine.

Steel City Road Runners

Miss your track and field days? Maybe you just need a running buddy? No matter the case – you want to check out the Steel City Road Runners. They schedule multiple runs each week and tons of people and expert coaches come out to build your confidence and offer a sense of community. You can find events and fill out a membership form on their website. They ask for a $40 annual fee to keep the perks possible, but it’s a small price to pay for an inside insight on the best upcoming races in the area.

3 Minute Fitness

No, this isn’t a three-minute workout, but it is built around three-minute intervals of high-intensity activities. Classes run for an hour, but you won’t be just completing intervals. As described on the websites, “Thirty minutes of all out effort is all it takes to achieve a sweat drenched, heart pumping, muscle shaking workout.  We’ll warm you up and stretch you out, with a little bit of rest in between. Our circuit is perfectly balanced to build cardiovascular endurance and gain muscle strength while improving your balance, flexibility and agility skills.

Market Square Fitness Programming

Workouts and exercise classes can add up especially when you already committed to a gym. Market Square’s classes are a great solution though. Over the summer there’s a little bit of everything from two yoga classes, one at night, one in the morning, one on the weekend, one a weekday. Moral of the story – the schedule is really flexible to help give everyone an opportunity to make it to a class. If you want to try one out, bring any necessary accessories like a yoga mat or water bottle and be sure to arrive early. These classes are popular!