Frequently Asked Questions

Hi everyone – Max Swahn here. Since launching this blog, I’ve loved being able to connect with readers and bodybuilding enthusiasts alike. In covering industry trends and approaches though, I also wanted to be able to work in a bit more about the guy behind the blogs. As a result – I’m sharing a few frequently asked questions about me with answers from me.

Why a blog?

Over the last few months I have had so much fun developing this bodybuilding blog, sharing my passions and expanding my online presence that I also started an engineering blog. I typically share all my posts from both sites on my WordPress here as well. Over that time I’ve learned a lot about how many other people are in similar positions I was in when I when I first went off to college and became so interested in the bodybuilding pursuit. It seemed like a great way to combat misconceptions too.

What drove you to bodybuilding?

Growing up I didn’t have the stereotypical muscular ‘bodybuilder’ frame (check out my instagram for the photos that prove it). When I started at Pitt though, I noticed how much I enjoyed the challenge of pushing myself in the gym. I also loved the structure it provided. It’s that discipline and stability that is now carried over into my career. In short, bodybuilding gives me a sense of accountability.

You can’t lift weights all day – what else do you enjoy doing?

I studied engineering and management at Pitt, but I also worked with a lot of student and community outreach groups. As a result, I have a lot of different passions from the nonprofit sector, to engineering tech and business management.

What’s home for you?

I grew up in Erie, PA before I moved off to Pittsburgh. I loved Pittsburgh, spending four years there studying engineering at the University of Pittsburgh. It was a great place to learn and grow as a person and now I’m ecstatic to be stepping into the next chapter in a new city (across the country). While I’m enjoying the golden state, I still love Pennsylvania so you can probably expect a few more Pittsburgh-centric blogs in the near future.

Where can we go to stay up to date on your blogs?

Aside from right here, my Medium profile and Twitter are great places to start. I’m constantly sharing new articles from both of my blogs in addition to articles from other publications that I find resourceful or just plain interesting. Any of my social media profiles are a great place to find out what’s on my mind or trends I’m currently excited about.