Max Swahn is a recent engineering graduate from the University of Pittsburgh class of 2018. While attending Pitt, Max specialized in Industrial Engineering with a concentration in Engineering Management. As an engineering professional, he embodies two key components: technical wherewithal and excellent people skills. Swahn understands that in order to solve many of the tough technical problems, it often requires a teamwork approach keeping in mind that two brains are always better than one. To make the most of these opportunities, it’s essential to practice good communication and be able to clearly outline your ideas and thought processes.

Be it in a lab, factory or corporate setting, newly employed engineers don’t often have the firsthand experience like the plethora of professional and hands-on experience Max obtained over the last four years through clubs, internships, and research positions. Swahn’s role as a researcher at the nanoproduct lab is one experience that stands out in particular. Under the supervision of Dr. Bedewy and Dr. Sanchez, he has worked on research focusing on light-induced sequential self-folding manufacturing. Swahn’s position with the lab strengthened his technical, teamwork and communication skills. He will be able to apply these skills to any professional position.

In his spare time, Max enjoys bodybuilding and living a healthy lifestyle. While on campus, he worked as a Campus Ambassador. In the position, he promoted new products and the website through sampling and planned activities. He also ranked in the top 10% of all ambassadors nationwide as a result of his productivity points.